You might think that eating vegan equals eating boring meals. Well… NO NO NO there are so many delicious vegan options that you probably never realized were actually vegan.  I listed four of my favorite foods. And trust me… You will love them.

Number One on my list is my favorite vegan dessert. OREOS


Since I was young I would be in love with these cookies (especially the cream). I knew not long ago that they were actually vegan and that just made me really happy.

Number two on my list is LIFE CEREAL. I love cereals and I have a hard time finding a vegan cereal that I actually like there are several options but my favorite one is this one.

Numero Tres: Sun Chips original for someone who is not looking for something sweet these are perfect and a delicious option.

Number Four: Who does not love granola? Nature Valley is the fourth option because we all love crunchy granola bars. (Even if they’re messy). Specific vegan versions of Nature Valley are *Apple Crisp *Peanut Butter *Pecan Crunch *Roasted Almond and Maple Brown Sugar. (Pretty much all the crunchy options)

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