September 2017


This is a post dedicated to peanut butter lovers! I just discovered this thing called PB2. It is a  product that seems to be the same thing as peanut butter but with fewer calories. It sounds too good to be truth… I know… That’s why I  went ahead and made my research just to be sure.

Pb2 claims to have 85% less fat, calories than Peanut Butter. Pb2 is made by removing all the fats and oils of peanut butter until it is transformed into a powder form. With two tablespoons of PB2, you make 1 Tbsp of PB2. Pb2 contains 45 calories but in reality. Regular peanut butter has around 200 calories.

Protein is an important factor when comparing these two. They both contain protein but PB2 may contain just a little less. PB2 contains 5 gr of protein and a regular peanut butter may contain 7 gr. which is not a big difference comparing how much fewer calories you consume with PB2

PB2 has a particular taste it is not bad but it is a little different. I really liked this option but I am still consuming regular peanut butter since it contains good fats. PB2 is great for when you are a little too obsessed with peanut butter and don’t want to consume more calories from it than you should. If this is your case you should totally try it! I made the decision of switching it up to get the best of both worlds!