Noticing wether you’re hungry or not sounds easy but in reality it is harder than it seems. I used to have a very bad habit of eating when I wasn’t even hungry. At first it was difficult for me to differentiate between being hungry with just being bored.

It took me time to notice what I was doing wrong and started researching on how to make better habits.

Here are some tips that will help you avoid this.

  • Drink water throughout the day specially before every meal
  • Eat veggies first
  • Use a smaller plate
  • Eat slowly
  • Don’t Skip Breakfast


Drink water

Studies show that when drinking water before your meals you tend to consume less calories because you get full faster. Water makes you feel full and it is better to drink water than drinking something high on calories.


Veggies First

This one is hard for me because I like eating everything first then the veggies but consuming whatever has less calories first is also a good way to keep yourself full. Your stomach will first receive the veggies and will start to feel satisfied before plus eating your veggie is essential its better to eat all of them that feeling full and not even try them.

Smaller plates

Eating in smaller plates trick your mind to getting full faster… Okay ,  know this sounds ridiculous but I promise its TRUE this is something I always do and I am now used to it. Whenever I eat in bigger plates I tend to not feel full. You could have the same portions in two different plates and get fuller with the smaller one than big plate.

Eat slowly

I bet you have heard people talk about the importance of eating slowly. Well the reason why this is important is because eating fast leads to poor digestion. We are so used to a rushed life we want everything faster. You have to make a habit of eating slowly and giving yourself time to eat enjoy your food. It will help lose or maintain your weight.



Don’t Skip Breakfast

Imagine this… you sleep probably around 6-8 hours that’s 6-8 hours with no food plus not having your first meal. Studies show that people that don’t have breakfast consume more calories throughout the day. Not having breakfast is really bad it affects your health and you will decrease your energy levels. You don’t have to eat a big meal but at least get something in your stomach.


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