Acropolis is a beautiful place with the greatest view in Athens. This place is the most visited place in Athens. It was my dream to see the Parthenon but I went through some challenges before I got there that’s why I will share my experience so this won’t happen to you!

Getting there early

Okay so first I recommend arriving early this is an obvious tip but get there as soon as you can because you will really save up tie when buying the tickets. (It opens at 8:00 in the summer and 8:30 in winter).

Buying ticket

If your a student and want to buy tickets make sure to show your student ID you get a discount. For the price, details check their official website( since the price varies. There is free admission for people younger than 18.

What to take?

Temperatures in Greece are high so make sure to take water to stay hydrated or buy some water. I would recommend buying your water in the vending machines from the inside water is cheaper you will find them as soon as you get in on your left-hand side. You should also take comfortable shoes and a hat or sunscreen.

***Extra Tip***

This one is really important to take care of your personal belongings because they can be stolen.



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